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About Us

A family owned and run company whose founders still maintain day to day ‘hands on’ contact.

We have 2 depots, head office and works at St.Helens, covering a distribution area West of the Pennines from Stoke in the South to Leyland in the North.

Blackpool depot covers an area from Preston to Carlisle including some parts of North Yorkshire.

Managing Director
John Webster, almost 30 years experience in gas and engineering; the captain of the ship.

Engineering Director
David Webster, similar experience to John but much better with the spanners. David is responsible for the maintenance of our vehicle fleet, filling plant, and virtually anything that either moves or does’t, he has two technicians and one mechanic to help him. We utilise our own workshops and manufacture much of our own equipment.

Company History

The foundations of North West Gases were laid in1979. Formerly trading as MESAS, a specialist-engineering distributor, the sale of liquefied petroleum gas was less than 5% of our turnover.

1985 saw the company move to its current premises. The addition of Industrial and Beverage Dispense Gases gradually changed the direction of the company, leading to the formation of North West Gases in 1995.

1998. A former Shell gas business was acquired, thus giving the company a depot in Blackpool, which serves our customers from Preston up to Carlisle.

2000. Head office extended by acquisition of adjacent premises, some of the largest cryogenic storage vessels in the UK installed and CELLAFLO filling plant re-housed and capacity doubled.

The project continues!