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What is LPG?

LPG is...

Flammable, liquefied hydrocarbon gas, stored under pressure.
Environmentally cleaner than most fuels.
Efficient and reliable.
Portable and flexible.

LPG is...

Warm homes.
Hot water.
Bright lights.
Well cooked meals.
Efficient furnaces.
Productive agriculture.
...and a multitude of other good things

LPG is...

A quality product.
Diverse in application.
If properly managed, it is...
A growth sector.
LPG offers one of the most efficient, high Performance clean burning fuels with all the convenience and flexibility of mains Gas. Whether it's for central heating, hot water or cooking, it just could not be simpler. LPG will do it all: run the central heating, fuel a cosy feature-flame fire, cook the meals and fire the barbecue. Millions of people enjoy the instant burst of heat from mobile gas heaters powered by LPG Gas. Gas barbecues powered by BBQ Gas clean and allows our customers to enjoy the outdoor life.


Getting away from it all
From the highest summits...

LPG has become synonymous with leisure campers and caravaners as well as yachting and boating enthusiasts have relied on portable cylinders of LP Gas to provide comfort heating and cooking fuel, even in the worst conditions.

Faster Paced Activities the warmest oceans

LPG fuels jet-skis and power-boats for water-skiing. More economical than Gasoline & diesel and clean burning which greatly reduce emissions contributing to a better environment

In restaurants, hotels and inns, LPG provides the fuels to operate a range of appliances such as ovens, hobs, fridges. Gas fuels welcoming 'living-flame' fires and provides central heating and ample hot water for guests bedrooms as well as heat for the swimming pool water. LPG offers the perfect energy for many of these applications.

Norgas offers the perfect energy solution for space heating and hot water generation