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Cellaflo Quality

Improve presentation and quality of all kegged products by using Cellaflo - a range of Nitrogen and CO2 gas mixtures specialy developed for beverage dispense by North West Gases. Use the Cellaflo range to improve customer satisfaction by offering consistency of presentation, from the first pint to the last, top of the glass to the bottom.

Cellaflo enables the storage of beers and soft drinks in their optimum environment to ensure that even slow moving products are maintained in prime condition for as long as possible.

Purity of our gases is maintained by the use of food grade products and by ensuring that the condition of our cylinders is maintained within British standards.

Fobbing and over carbonation problems are significantly reduced and dispense rates generally increase. Wastage is minimised

Cellaflo Efficiency
Cellaflo significantly reduces capital and operational costs so the need for a cellar pump can be eliminated. Wastage of slow moving products significantly reduces as Cellaflo keeps them in peak condition for longer.

Cellaflo cylinder holding can generally be reduced due to our ultra efficient delivery service.

Even inexperienced bar staff can dispense well presented kegged products quickly and effectively.

Cellaflo Service
Our delivery service is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the licensed and catering trades six working days per week. Our level of commitment to service is the envy of our competitors.

As a Cellaflo customer you will receive a quality service which really is second-to-none.

Who says so?

Our Customers do!

Cellaflo Product Range
Cellaflo 30
For Irish Stouts and many Bitters

Cellaflo 50
For Lagers, Ciders and many of the recent cream type brews.

Cellaflo 60
For Lagers and Ciders

Cellaflo CO2
For post mix dispense and Lagers

For line cleaning and blanketing of bulk wines.

All of the above products are available in either small cylinders for underground cellars, or large cylinders for ground floor or outside use. Details of cylinder rental options, cylinder restraints and change over regulators on request.

Cellaflo Micromix
Cellaflo Micromix embraces the latest technology to produce Nitogen from air on customer’s premises. The gas is then stored in cylinders and mixed with Carbon Dioxide from separate cylinders when required.

If you have a relatively high barrelage or find changing mixed gas cylinders is a chore that you could do without, then Cellaflo Micromix may be your dream come true.

Cellaflo Micromix is configured to produce 30% and 50% CO2 mixtures although the unit can be supplied with additional or alternative mixtures on request.